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Kanca I

Kanca I


This simple pattern is beautiful. Traditionally made with silk-on-silk and with a hook.


    W143 X H103cm X D5cm

    This embroidered textile has been attached to a clear acrylic frame and sits within its own space. There is a 2.5cm spacer so the piece sits back into the breathable frame. 

    Our acrylic box frames have a split batten and a keyhole mirror plate, either one will allow the piece to sit flat against the wall.

    This piece can be hung landscape or portrait.

    Each piece is a unique and handmade item so no two pieces will be exactly the same. Colours might vary on different portals but our website photography is a close representation.



    These beautiful, unique pieces are a cross-cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs and traditional Kashmiri artisan chain stitch techniques using hand dyed wool. As with all our pieces, each is completely handmade. This project brings many direct benefits to the artist and their families. The artists are the custodians of their stories and country, the Kashmiris are the cultural owners of this particular handicraft. This handicraft is indigenous to specific geographic locations within the Kashmir valley. Every purchase of these pieces guarantees a direct return to the Aboriginal artist as well as supporting traditional work in the remote regions of Kashmir.

  • CARE

    With all our frames use a soft cloth to remove any marks. We recommend a microfibre cloth for cleaning. Do not use anything abrasive.

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