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Pink Backstrap

Pink Backstrap

SKU: BSPink1

One of a kind.Hand loomed using a backstrap loom each motif and pattern tells a different story.


    W47cm x H130cm x D4.5cm

    Bespoke framed in FSC wood and then painted in off white.

    As with all our traditionally framed pieces, we frame as green as we can. This beautifully embroidered textile is carefully wrapped around a conservation board. There is a 1.5cm spacer so the piece sits back into the breathable frame.

    The wooden frame is painted with a chemical free waterborne paint.


    Loom’s stunning designs are all woven by Chin women on traditional looms or backstrap looms, using the finest silk and cotton and dyed naturally. The patterns and motifs, of which there are over 150, reflect the Chin culture and each piece tells a unique story. We have drawn from these traditional patterns and reinterpreted them in a contemporary way – maintaining the relevance of this ancient art to modern life. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, a single piece can take between three weeks and several months to complete.

  • CARE

    With all our frames use a soft cloth to remove any marks. We recommend a microfibre cloth for cleaning. Do not use anything abrasive.

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